Guildmaster of Edgar's Pawn Shop


Short, fat, bearded, disgusting. While he is proudly a full-blooded human, he is easily mistaken as a half-potato. With an unhealthy marriage of constantly consuming food and/or beverages at gluttonous rates and poor hygiene practices, it’s rumored he has what can only be described as an invisible stink elemental possessing him.


Edgar is the guildmaster of Edgar’s Pawn Shop, an economy priced mercenary guild that the party were members of.
Edgar could be thought of as a generous employer, as he hired nearly anyone who applied. He could be, but he’s not. Instead, he’s well renowned the unfair percentages he charges his employees, taking quite a bit off the top for all the work they do. He argues that “If it wernt for me, none of you would have a job!”, and he has a point. Not many clients accept inter-racial guilds, but they appear to accept grunts and pawns of any shape and size.


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