Race Restrictions

Dwarf: barbarian, cleric, monk, druid, fighter, paladin, ranger

Human: fighter, monk, rogue, alchemist, gunslinger

Halfling: bard, druid, rogue, sorcerer, summoner, oracle

Elf: cleric, druid, rogue, wizard, alchemist, magus, witch

Half-elf: fighter, monk, rogue, alchemist, sorcerer, oracle

Half-orc: barbarian, druid, fighter, ranger, witch

Gnome: bard, fighter, rogue, sorcerer, wizard, alchemist, magus, oracle, summoner

NO cavalier, antipaladin, ninja or samurai. Possibly later in the game I may allow these classes, but the current setting of Terraglyph wont support them.

If playing as barbarian: must belong to a tribe, will belong to tribe instead of nation.

If cleric or paladin: characters must appease their deity by actively worshiping.

If druid; must “worship” nature or a deity of nature: will belong to druid sect OR live in solitude instead of races nation.

If witch: lives in solitude.

If half orc and not barbarian or druid: lives in solitude.

Prestige classes: Ask first please!

Race Restrictions

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