Adventures in Terraglyph

Chapter 3 1/2

The party discovered that the pool of magical liquids were indeed a powerful hallucinogenic messaging service. So they drank from it twice.
After scouring the underground facility, the only thing they could find was a lonely wraith and a whole lot of gold, but no Artifact. However, they did receive a warning from the Dark Hooded Figure, who apparently has an evil mysterious plan.
The party decides to head east to the next possible location of the Artifact, only to be ambushed by more incompetent orcs along the way.

Chapter 3

After surveying the awesome carnage they inflicted. and not acting like dishonorable thugs by looting and pillaging their possessions, they discover a secret passage way leading to an extremely cool non-generic dungeon. Most of the heroic party decided to explore the underground structure, while several made the decision to stay behind and keep lookout.

The team of adventurers that choose to look for the Artifact have gone though bugbears, pitfalls, BATS, and a more pitfalls before they finally stumble across a out-of-place fountain that was discovered to have MAGICAL properties. One of the adventurers was about to drink from the fountain…

Chapter 2

The party arrived at Nathine

after a day and a half of traveling under armed escort. And after waiting three days in a guarded facility, the Princess of Nathine requests the party’s presence. She presents the entire group with gifts as she bequests them to find an artifact known as the Llilacore.

The party was ambushed by a pack of mangy wild wargs before they arrived at the first possible location of the artifact.

speaking of failed ambushes, a large portion of the group nearly perished at the hands of skilled orcs, some shooting bows and magic, and others swinging with swords and rage.

First day on the job

Quick recap; Got sent off by the guild boss Edgar to soften up orcs but you ended up surviving and pissing off a lot of other mercenaries and the princess sent her secret guard to forcibly escort the party to the human city Nathine (my original copy of the recap was accidentally deleted…)


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